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Message from the President

Infection Control has changed so much since I started nine years ago. Just to stop and have a little time to write this message has been a challenge. I am actually sitting at a baseball game as I find the words to write. We find ourselves today doing much more with a lot less. I am currently a single ICP of a moderate size health system. My current active projects include lead in rolling out a new hand hygiene program, participating and leading in the Strive Program, CMS audit for CLABSI and CAUTI, as well as corporate driven initiatives. Now I find it that time of the year to finish my Infection Control evaluation, prepare my ICRA and IC Plan as well as update all my IC policies. Although these activities are daunting tasks and many times very overwhelming, one thing I am observing are fewer patients developing fewer infections in my facility as well as across our system. Making our patients safer and preventing them from infections is what drives me daily through these activities and satisfaction at the end of each day.

Nine years ago, I would never have thought I would be writing a message as president of any organization and definitely not a state organization. My first experience with TSICP was taking an Essentials course in Galveston. About two years later one of my corporate ICPs reached out to me encouraging me to serve on the TSICP Board of Directors. I am so thankful for peers that encouraged me to step out and serve outside the comfort zone of the four walls of my office. Serving as I have with TSICP has allowed me to grow professionally in a way I do not think I could have staying in the comfort of my office. Through TSICP, I have developed friendships and resources that help me have a successful infection control program.

I now reach out to you to encourage our membership to consider serving on our board. Give one of our board members or myself a call and ask more about serving with TSICP. Filling out a simple Willingness to Serve Form can be a great move as it definitely was for me. Thank you for allowing me to serve as president.

Lance Anderson, RN, CIC

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